Would you try this?

I’m all for trying new things, I actually really enjoy it. Today was no different. I was really tired, so I wanted all the food!

I headed over the road to Tesco Express, which seems to have every food item except the items I want. After walking up and down every aisle; I picked up a beetroot and feta salad (I don’t like beetroot), 6 cans of diet coke (not to be drunk in one go), mixed sweet and salty popcorn (completely messing with my OCED (Obsessive Compulsive Eating Disorder)) and a Twinkie.
I have always heard of them on American TV shows, but never seen one before, so in my hungry impressionable state, I picked them up.

I can’t stress this enough DO NOT BUY THESE! I can only imagine they are so popular in America due to the different taste buds, similar to the Hershey’s v Cadbury’s debate.
The shine on the sponge gives the impression that they are moist cakes, but as I bit into it, I found it dry and sticky. That wasn’t the worst of it, the bright white creamy filling was nothing like cream but hugely resembled plastic!

Look at the warning on the back… No I’m not talking about the chemicals on the ingredients, but the warning “May have an adverse affect on activity and attention in children”
I threw the second one in the box to my colleague to try (I couldn’t stomach another one ever!), she said it had a meaty taste. So in my completely scientific testing, I have concluded that Twinkie’s are only for Americans!

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