Whacking Some Balls

Whilst visiting my Brother, Robert and his family in Bristol this weekend, we decided to get out of the house and attempt something I have never done before.

My Dad, Robert and on occasion, Mum all play golf, but I have never been invited to play.  This may be due to the fact that they thought I was not interested, or knew that my attention span would not cope with a full game.  On this occasion though, I was determined to try something new.  I was told about inPlay Golf, an indoor golf simulation centre and thought it was worth a try.

simulatorMy Dad, Robert, 3 year old Nephew, Lewis and myself drove down to the golf centre, and got ourselves into one of their 3 sided simulators (single screens are available at a cheaper rate).  The staff were really helpful and showed us how all of the equipment worked.  Robert had his own clubs, but I was given a lovely shiny set to ruin all to myself.  They even had a couple of miniature clubs for Lewis to play with.

We got started on the driving range, and I got a few pointers on how to stand and actually hit the ball, rather than just hurt myself!  I soon realised that golf really wasn’t my sport and that maybe lessons or giving up were the only options.  Once Lewis had had a few goes at putting, we thought it was time to play a round of golf (when I say we, I mean Robert and my Dad!).

It was good fun, but I was clearly rubbish.  I only got onto the green once and luckily before I got too stressed, it passes your go if you take more than 8 shots.  Robert and Dad were enjoying themselves as they were able to compare against the real thing and compete against each other (for reference Dad won!).

If I lived in Bristol, I would take up lessons there, I definitely need them!  Robert and Dad said that it was different from playing outdoors for obvious reasons, but said that it was good fun, Dad even said he wanted to go back the next day and fit in a whole round.  I think it’s great that they offer 30 minute weekday lunch sessions for £5, I think this would really appeal to the students and office workers nearby.

Click here for information on prices

Just be warned that if you are going there, it may be advisable to take the bus, as we ended up paying £8.00 for just over 2 hours parking!


  1. We tried this at the O2 recently and despite some expert coaching were absolutely rubbish – it was a good giggle though

    1. I love the fact that you admit you were rubbish but say it was good 🙂 I get easily frustrated and was getting more annoyed with myself for being rubbish, that I thought I would be in a grump all afternoon, but actually when I left, I was smiling. Sometimes you can be so bad at something, you just laugh about how bad you are!

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