My Top Place to Visit in England

Whilst I’m all for getting on a plane and jetting off to a different country, sometimes it’s great to see what England can offer.

These are my top 3/4 English places to visit:

Brighton Pride bringing out the best in my future

Brighton – I went to school in a small town called Seaford, not far from Brighton and I’ve always had a soft spot for it. Brighton is as unique as the people who live there. From the pebbled beach and pier to the Laines featuring quirky shops where you can buy everything you didn’t think you needed. It’s also by far the most diverse place I’ve visited. There are so many places to eat and drink, where a Sunday Roast is so readily available…even for vegetarians! Not something I have ever found anywhere else. If the towny thing isn’t for you, or you just need a break, Brighton is ideal for country walks, take a short bus trip and walk along the Seven Sisters.

Colour changing cocktail from the Alchemist

Manchester/Leeds – whilst these places are so very different, the close proximity by train makes it hard for me not to put them together. The nightlife at both of these places is brilliant, from scientific cocktail making bars to live bands, there is definitely something for most people to enjoy. The shops are just that much bigger too, living in Bournemouth, I have to travel to Southampton to get anything remotely interesting, even then I don’t get the giant Primark!

Surfing in Perranporth

Perranporth – I was reluctant to choose this place, I love it so much, to the point I nearly moved here, but I love it because I can escape. To me escaping is not seeing anyone I know and being able to completely switch off and I don’t want the place to be invaded! I thought it was a bit selfish though. In season the beach can get a bit full, but it is great for surfing. The Watering Hole is a dog-friendly pub/restaurant on the beach which is not afraid to let people in without shoes on. It’s the one place in the world where I have felt home (shame there aren’t many jobs).

Where are your favourite places to visit in England and why?

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