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It’s all Greek

Following on from yesterday’s post, I’ve managed to keep myself busy again today at work, then headed straight out to The Real Greek in Bournemouth, as they were opening their Teratsa (outdoor roof terrace) ready for the summer. Although it was pretty cold tonight, even the patio heaters weren’t going to keep me warm, so …

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Yo! Eat Me

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I love my food, if you don’t, WHY NOT?! I was invited* to Yo! (Formally known as Yo! Sushi ) to try the new Japanese street style menu. People immediately declined the invite because they “don’t do sushi” which is frustrating as sushi is just the style …

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Carbs or No Carbs!

I have hit an emotional wall with my training. I’m well aware that to shed fat, I need to eat healthily as well as exercise, so this isn’t me asking for a sympathy card saying “sorry you’re fat, but cut out the cakes”. I thought I was eating a pretty balanced diet, which includes a …

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If all else fails, eat!

After this weekend’s antics, I thought I’d still make it to the gym. I got up early and was raring to go, albeit with a slight limp. 2 minutes into the warm up, I was really struggling, Rob took one look at me and told me to leave (charming hey!). I was dying to do …

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My Whole30 Challenge

Whole30 is a very strict food/drink plan, which I have recently embarked upon. In basic terms, no added sugar, no grains, no chemicals, no legumes, no dairy, no alcohol and no fun for 30 days! I’m going to be straight up honest…I failed after 14 days! It was really tough to start, but after the …

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Quick snack

As I’m having to run reports for work today, I can’t be too far from my computer. I don’t really want the TV on, as I would just end up falling asleep, so I have taken the dog for a walk, painted my nails and cooked! I am trying to get back in shape, but …

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Would you try this?

I’m all for trying new things, I actually really enjoy it. Today was no different. I was really tired, so I wanted all the food! I headed over the road to Tesco Express, which seems to have every food item except the items I want. After walking up and down every aisle; I picked up …

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18 Miles and Counting

I have been a bit quiet this week, as I have been very tired. I have a genuine excuse this time. On Saturday I drove up to Brighton to take part in the Martlets Midnight Walk. I haven’t done much training, so wasn’t sure how well I would cope. I had to complete 13 miles …

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