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Primark Haul November 2015

I know I have a bit of an obsession with shopping, and once I start I can’t seem to stop. Here’s what I bought from Primark today, if you want to see how much I spent, look at the receipt at the end of the video, as I really don’t want to admit how much …

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Clothes Show Outfit

Eeek I’m so excited! Thanks to Canvas Pretty, I won tickets to the Clothes Show Live in December. I’ve always wanted to go, but life has always got in the way. This year, I was determined to go and was just about to buy tickets, when I found out that I had won. Now comes …

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I didn’t die!!!

What a month! April is always a special month for me, as it’s my birthday. I really love birthdays, it’s the one day a year when it’s all about me (and my older brother, but he’s a boy and doesn’t count :P). This year I was really celebrating being alive. This may sound extreme to …

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Shoes for you?!

A friend of mine Elaine from Canvas Pretty asked me to take her place at the recent #shoesietuesday event held by Hotter Shoes. I must admit, whilst I am a shoe fanatic, I took a look at their website, and thought “I am not going to like these shoes” the first word I see plastered …

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