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Halloween: Good or Bad?

Bad? 1. Trick or Treating: everyday of the year we’re told not to take sweets from strangers, but on Halloween we send kids knocking on their doors asking for them. A struggling Paedophile’s nightmare or a practicing one’s heaven! 2. Trick or Treating again: I’m trying to get ready to go to my party, I’ve …

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List from London

Today I went to London for the Qube Global annual conference, which I go for as part of my day job. This year was the most interesting for me, with a great variety of key speakers, my favourite being John Willams. The key things that I picked up on are as follows: 1. Lists get …

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Best way to travel

Planes, Trains and Automobiles, but which is best? So far this year I have been to Holland ((Netherlands) Amsterdam) Italy and Malta and done lots of driving around England. One thing that I have noticed is how stressed I get whilst travelling to my destination, so I have come up with ways I suggest to …

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Loving Life

I’m currently lying in the hot Maltese sun getting my fill of vitamin D…possibly a bit too much! I am glad I brought the Arbonne hair serum with me to revive my hair after the excess sun and sea it has been tormented with this week. I got the serum sample free from an Arbonne …

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Holiday Rush

I don’t know why I always leave everything to the last minute, it’s almost like I enjoy the stress… I don’t! I’m off to Italy on Saturday for my friend Nicky’s wedding. I have at least booked the flights this time, but I still have a huge list of things to do: Book airport parking …

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Quick snack

As I’m having to run reports for work today, I can’t be too far from my computer. I don’t really want the TV on, as I would just end up falling asleep, so I have taken the dog for a walk, painted my nails and cooked! I am trying to get back in shape, but …

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Have Theme Parks Still Got It?

Following the recent accident at Alton Towers, I was concerned my friend Adam and Tamana would not fancy going on our planned trip to Chessington World or Adventures, but they were both up for it. This was very surprising given that Adam doesn’t like rides at the best of times. I am not sure if …

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Would you try this?

I’m all for trying new things, I actually really enjoy it. Today was no different. I was really tired, so I wanted all the food! I headed over the road to Tesco Express, which seems to have every food item except the items I want. After walking up and down every aisle; I picked up …

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18 Miles and Counting

I have been a bit quiet this week, as I have been very tired. I have a genuine excuse this time. On Saturday I drove up to Brighton to take part in the Martlets Midnight Walk. I haven’t done much training, so wasn’t sure how well I would cope. I had to complete 13 miles …

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Too Old For This?

I’m not one for letting my age be a factor in anything I do. When I was younger, I was always trying to do things that the older kids were doing; walking before I could crawl, smoking at an early age (so glad I quit that!), drinking alcohol and clubbing before I’d finished my GCSE’s. …

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