Stable Cider Awards 2019

2 weeks ago I went to Stable to have a go at their pizza school and learn how their chefs make pizza. I taught them that putting the avocado under the cheese is a definite win, nobody wants cold avocado on warm pizza! You can read about it here, if you haven’t yet.

I was invited back with the Bournemouth Bloggers for the Stable Cider Awards 2019. I’ve never got on the gin trend, as it’s absolutely vile. Cider is something I happily drink though, especially when the sun is shining… so obviously I went along.

I got to Stable in Bournemouth 20 minutes early, so I could wolf down a pizza before everyone turned up. I gave the vegan version of the pizza I made a go (after I was convinced to try it). Honestly, I’m not a fan of vegan mozzarella, but if you’re vegan, then it’s an ok substitute, but for now I will stick to being veggie.

Aloha Aloha Vegan Pizza

Anyway, back to the cider tasting. Just as I got upstairs, everyone was sucking on lemons. I was sure there must be a reason, so I ate one too (I’m so easily influenced!). We washed it down with Stable’s own Rapscallion, which is a pretty easy drinker and a firm favourite across the bloggers. As it was made by them, it couldn’t be entered into the competition, so good to know they’re being fair.

My vote has been counted:

(my notes were written at the time, I’m struggling to decipher much after the fifth drink)

Cockeyed Mad Jack – Tastes like apple juice, dangerously easy to drink, careful not to give to the kids 5/10

Bumblebee Hard Cider – Great (handy note!), fizzy, awesome for bees too (they help support bumblebees which are good for the environment). Blend of 2 years of apple to give a rich flavour 9/10

Hallets PX – Wine tasting (I was asked not to put cheap wine, but this was a positive to the girls at uni, as it tasted like their favourite wine). This taste comes from the fact that the cider is aged in old sherry casks and is a limited edition for the cider awards. I’m not a fan of sherry and am not a fan of this one 3/10

Nightingale Nightbird – light, crisp, Proseccoesque (that’s all the notes I wrote, helpful! But I do remember the flavour as it was one of my favourites) 9/10

Quick break for some cider throwing

Cider throwing

Trenchmore Silly Moo – This easy drinker gets its name as the cows are fed the pomace (waste from the apples), which when ferment naturally make the cows drunk. There is a slight “horsey” smell to the cider, which reminds me of being in the countryside 8/10

Dudda’s Tun Apricot – Before you take my judgement on this, know that I do not like apricots! It is super sweet, as it’s made with dessert apples as well as apricots. I took one sip and needed to rinse my mouth, not for me and I actually GAVE IT AWAY!!!! 0/10

Crafty Nectar No.8 – Sweet, rhubarb is added, so it gives a taste similar to the rhubarb and custard sweets (I also wrote down #fallingapples but I have no idea why! 7/10

Ramorn Perry – This pear cider from Luxembourg is only supplied to Stable within the UK and won a Gold Award, it’s fresh, very tasty and smooth. I also wrote down pear, pair, chair (although it might say clear!) 8/10

Pilton Marmaration – Smells horrible (drunk me has a way with words), but a blend of eating apples, so tastes alright. It’s naturally carbonated, and is supplied in bottles, so should be left to breathe, bittersweet 6/10

Gospel Green 8.2% – The Champagne method is used to creat this strong cider and comes in a bottle with a cork. Served in a champagne glass, it was easy to drink, but the more I drank, the less I enjoyed it 8/10

Annnnd the winner is…

After drinking all the ciders, it was time to cast my vote. I really struggled to decide between the Bumblebee Hard Cider and Nightingale Nightbird, but in the end, I gave my vote to the more traditional Bumblebee. If it helps them continue the quest to save the planet, it’s an added bonus.

Why not pop into Stable and cast your vote

And yes, work was a struggle the next day. Also, I never did find out why we were sucking lemons.

Bumblebee Hard Cider

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