Stable Bournemouth Pizza School

Anyone who knows me, knows I love me some food, so when Stable Bournemouth invited me along with Bournemouth Bloggers to their pizza school, nothing was going to get in my way! This does mean that this post is a gifted review, but the opinions are still mine…I have also eaten here before, lots.

As I turned up to Stable, I was directed to the bar (oooh yes please), they have so many local ciders to choose from, that I couldn’t decide which one to have. The barman suggested Hawkes which is a Prosecco style cider mixed with a fruity one. I love a mix and match anything, and this was no different. I didn’t ever think of mixing ciders before.

Once we all arrived we were given a lesson in how to make the best pizza sauce for 360 people (not sure I’ll ever cook for that many people). The base mix is onions, garlic (only added after the onions have sweated to create more moisture, so as not to burn the garlic) a shed load of basil and 5 giant cans of tomatoes. This is then cooked, blitzed and cooled ready for the pizza bases.

Hawkes Cider

The bread is made locally too, using local flour, so it’s all pretty good for the environment too.

Once we saw how the bread was made, it was our turn to make our pizzas. I’m normally a veggie girl, but I’d had a Hawaiian (before I gave up meat) at Stable which was delicious, so I fancied doing my own take on it.

Just a little cheese

My pizza:

  • Sauce
  • Avocado (putting it at the bottom means it warms without going mushy or dry)
  • Pineapple (I see you judging me, but it works on this one)
  • Mushrooms
  • Basil
  • And a tonne of mozzarella (ok I did slightly overload mine, but I love cheese)

This was the result, a sprinkle of black pepper and some chilli oil, and it’s good to go.

I actually wanted to take it away, because the boxes made me laugh, but…I am a piggy!

Something to make you chuckle in the depths of despair

I’ve been invited back for Stable’s cider tasting night in a couple of weeks. I cannot wait, but think I might need to get a pizza first to line my stomach.

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