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My mantra for my blog is to get out more see fun, grab it by the balls and go with it. Sadly, I have let a number of things get me down lately, the biggest one being my house sale falling through for the second time (I may actually write a post on this separately).

Tonight I was ready to cancel on a planned night out with the Bournemouth bloggers, as I couldn’t face people and pretend to have fun. Instead of cancelling though, I sorted myself out and got myself down to Ojo Rojo in Bournemouth for the quiz night.

Ojo Rojo Quiz

I couldn’t believe it had been a year since I’d seen some of the girls, it was great to catch up over a cocktail or 3 and enjoy some of the tasty Mexican street food.

I should really write about how the cocktails are made with mescal and tequila from agave plants from all over Mexico, giving them a special flavour, but let’s face it, I just like to drink the stuff and if it has a cool name or comes in a weird glass, I’ll order it!

All the alcohol!

My first cocktail was called Under The Clouds, I ordered it because I felt it represented my mood! When it arrived, the barman/mixologist lifted the lid as the smoke rose from the glass, everyone was in awe and quickly started taking snaps, I was keen to taste it though.

Under The Clouds

The drink had actually been smoked, not had liquid nitrogen infused in it as I thought, this gave the mescal an oaky flavour. It also tasted a bit like a chocolate orange whiskey. It was nice, but a bit too grown up for me!

My favourite cocktail of the night was the Mercado, it was a much sweeter passion fruit mescal, similar in flavour to a pornstar martini, but less sickly.


I’ve eaten at Ojo Rojo a few times, tonight didn’t disappoint, guacamole with pomegranate and white bean dips, delicious. I can highly recommend the jackfruit tacos too…although I didn’t have those tonight.

The quiz started and I did my usual shouting out of wrong answers with the occasional lucky guess. We came 5th equal, out of about 10 teams, so not too bad. I really need to pay more attention to music and general knowledge, rather than just guessing my way through things.

I’m so glad I didn’t cancel tonight, remember, whatever you’re going through, it’s important to let yourself be happy and get out and have some fun. Who’s up for joining me next week for the quiz? (Don’t expect to win though)

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