No Money, More Food

Well who wants to throw January in the “What’s the point of this” bin?! I definitely do!

January has been the hardest month for me in a long time and for possibly the most pathetic reason, no money! Me and everyone else I speak to seems to have this issue, so I shouldn’t moan too much.

The reason I’m annoyed about it, is because it’s purely been my own fault. I fluttered money away on this and that and living in the moment, that I am now in a position where it’s all I seem to think about. On the plus side, it has taught me how little I can actually live off. I spent £90 on food instead of my usual £300+, I’ve had to prepare my own lunches and think about what I’m going to eat during the week, which in turn has me eating healthier food.

As I sit in Coffee#1 I am feeling like I have an impulsive streak, and just like to waste money. The reality of it is that I’m using the leftover money from my food shop. I was shocked at the savings in Lidl. I had to buy the usual expensive items, dishwasher products, Persil, toothpaste, so when I started scanning it, I was dreading the cost. It actually all came to just £35.04.

I will make a veggie cottage pie, meat-free chicken fajitas (loving Quorn right now), veggie spaghetti bolognaise and a number of other delicious dishes. I was hoping to go vegan for February, but as I am due to have my knee operation on the 9 February, I figured I’m going to need to make it as easy as possible. I am aiming to stick to the pescatarian/vegetarian diet though, with a few days of vegan mixed in.

A positive to the knee op, is that I can’t go out and spend money aimlessly, but I will have to block my internet if I can’t stay away from the online shops.

As hard as it is now, if I stick to my strict budget, by next month I will have enough money to book a holiday…and that’s all I ever want to “waste” my money on in future.

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