Moving Home Finally

Moving home is stressful, but finally I’m in my new house! After nearly 8 months of waiting and failed sales (read more on what went wrong here), I’m in. On the Tuesday it nearly all fell through due to an admin error, the mortgage company wouldn’t release the money, so I spent a long time on the phone to my mortgage broker whilst he was lying on a sun lounger in Cyprus. Kevin from F1RST Financial Services has been great through both of my purchases, always keeping me calm and saving me pennies, and he pulled it together to not only get the money released but also to get it cheaper than the original deal.

When we finally exchanged on Wednesday I was able to book in removals, or so I thought! It turns out that I had picked the most popular moving day (1st weekend of the summer holidays), so no companies were available with only 2 days’ notice. I had planned that they would pack up the flat and I could have a stress free move, but instead I left everything to the last minute.

I managed to finally get a van booked on Thursday morning and roped in a couple of friends to help. With only 6 boxes and some pilfered bubble wrap, I did some of the worst packing in my life. At the last minute I had managed to sell most of my existing furniture to the first time buyers, so we did have less to move.

I have always thought my flat was quite small and I lived quite a minimalist lifestyle, but the stuff just kept coming…more and more tat! I have no idea where it was all hidden but I didn’t have time to think about that, it was just a matter of shove it in the van and hope nothing broke.

Unusually the estate agent dropped the keys off to me (normally you have to collect them), I think he could tell I was about to lose it.

Once in, I was able to relax for a few minutes. I don’t think I would have unpacked as fast as we did if it wasn’t for the fact that not much was actually in boxes…and my daughter did the bulk of it.

Despite the fact that I had no hot water, a broken dishwasher, broken tv aerial and no furniture for nearly 2 weeks, I love my place, it feels so spacious and quiet…almost like home.

As I continue to write lists of everything I need to do and buy, I can’t help but think it’s all worth the stress.

P.S. I would also like to give a special mention to Ruth Elkins from Coles Miller, who did the conveyancing for me, as well as fixing and shouting at the right people to try and take away some of the stress that was building daily. Ruth has been an amazing friend to me over the last 15 years and I wouldn’t have coped without her.

My new home

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