March Update

I’ve been a bit quiet on here recently, partly because I haven’t had the motivation to write, partly because I finally had my knee surgery, so fun hasn’t been my top priority. Here’s a quick summary of what’s happened:

* ACL and meniscus reconstruction – surgery went well, nobody told me I would need to inject myself with blood thinners for a week afterwards!

* Holiday booked – I’m off to Faro with a friend, it was kind of a last minute decision, as my daughter is off on a ski trip and I felt it was unfair, as it will be over my birthday week.

* I’ve travelled to all corners of the UK and not seen more than motorways and Premier Inns. Work travel can be dull, so I am making it my mission to see more of the places I visit. Glasgow on Monday, so feel free to give me ideas.

* I got back on the dating scene (well sort of) – I met a guy online (I know eye roll, but where else am I going to meet someone?). We had such a fun date, it was actually like being on First Dates, the staff were hilarious and we kept looking out for cameras, all of a sudden the shots started appearing…I knew I was drunk after pronouncing “that was really nice” to a shot of gin…I hate gin! It ended very messily with me falling through the door and hitting my head (I now have a scar), followed by quite a bit of reverse shots. Whilst I thought we had a great first and second date (yes he did return after that), I felt it starting to fizzle by the third and there was no more. I did get a lovely message saying how fun I was and that he would love to spend more time with me, even if it’s just as FRIENDS! I have not heard from him again, but it has made me open up to the possibility of getting back out there.

* I’ve successfully given up meat for lent and am happy to continue for now. There is so much choice available now, which I was worried about, but even my favourite burger joint has vegetarian options.

I’m looking forward to discovering new places this spring, follow me on Instagram to keep an eye on where I end up.

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