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Today I went to London for the Qube Global annual conference, which I go for as part of my day job. This year was the most interesting for me, with a great variety of key speakers, my favourite being John Willams.

The key things that I picked up on are as follows:

1. Lists get shared on the internet more than any other written content. (Hence the list here!).

A list about lists

2. Videos are the highest shared Facebook content. So I really should improve my vlog, which I started this week.

3. Uber must have paid everyone to talk about them, as they were mentioned in each presentation! If not, it just goes to show that you don’t need to have a lot of assets to setup in business. Some of the fastest growing companies (AirBnB, Google, Facebook) don’t own any physical products that are actually being sold. They broke the mould by disrupting the standard idea of people’s needs.

4. Engage in your audience. This is something that was also raised by the keynote speaker Peter Lunn at BlogOn on Saturday. Sometimes you just need to listen to your readers/clients. Once you’ve listened, you can engage. This makes so much sense to me, if you are interested in seeing me doing a bungee jump or just checking out what lipstick I’m wearing, I’d like to know. I want to give you, my readers/viewers what they want (please don’t ask for the bungee jump, I think I’ll poo my pants).

5. Men in London like blue suits, are everywhere and talk poorly about politics, based on articles they’ve skim read or caught the headlines of. (I’m obviously not talking about those who work in parliament, they clearly know their sh*t, even if I don’t agree with all they have to say).

6. South West trains have installed wifi, but it doesn’t work for 90% of the journey time. I’m glad I took my book to read.

7. If you can’t be funny, or think of anything clever to say, post a funny picture of a cat! This really stems from Grumpy Cat, which has hit the internet hard. Unfortunately for me, I’m allergic to cats, so all I can offer is a mildly confused dog! Betty is so much cuter in real life, I promise.
Betty Dog
I’m looking forward to the next conference, which will hopefully have some more females.

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