If all else fails, eat!

After this weekend’s antics, I thought I’d still make it to the gym. I got up early and was raring to go, albeit with a slight limp.

2 minutes into the warm up, I was really struggling, Rob took one look at me and told me to leave (charming hey!). I was dying to do some upper body work, but (probably correctly) I was told not until a doctor had assessed me. Fine!

In the evening I was meant to have Boogie Bounce, and was looking forward to the new routine, but again this was out of the question. I took Tamana and watched her doing the moves, at first very envious, then a small evil laugh took over as I realised how sore she would be in the morning.

I finally made it to the doctor on Wednesday, who told me that I have probably damaged my ligament, but couldn’t do anything until the swelling had gone down. No exercise for 2 weeks, rest, compress and get fat were her instructions (not sure about the last one, but pretty sure it was implied).

In addition to my knee being sore, I have now triggered something in my shoulder, causing excruciating pain. Apparently this is linked to my knee injury, rendering me pretty useless.

So back to getting fat! I’m not entirely sure that I wouldn’t have eaten this anyway, but going out for a birthday lunch, I polished off this rather large calzone at Bournemouth Pizza Co.

Calzone Bournemouth pizza co

Oh and this was after stuffing my face with a cream filled chocolate eclair.

Cream eclair

Not all my food consumption has been naughty. Yesterday I made a trip to The Skinny Kitchen.


I have been dying to eat here since I heard they were opening. All clean food, all based on whether you’re trying to bulk up or get lean. There’s Gluten Free and Vegetarian options too.



In all honesty, the service was below what I would expect from a restaurant, they weren’t rude, but I just felt they didn’t care. It was such a shame, as I think their food is amazing, better than I expected. I will go again, but hope to see an improvement, otherwise, I can’t see other people being patient enough to go back.

I am unsure what I will be having for dinner tonight, but after filling myself up on tuna salad at lunch, I could do with a glass of water and bed. No doubt I will eat something rather more substantial.

P.S. What do you think of my new Ivy Park top from Topshop? I love how tiny it makes me feel (more room to hide food!).

Ivy park top

Watch out for my rolls!!!

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