Hotel or Hostel

Eeek my diary is booking up fast!

This weekend I’m off to Bath for a very close friend’s hen party. I’m can’t wait to relax in the spa. I’m not even worried that my wobbly belly will be on show! I can’t relax too much though, as I have been told we will be dancing in the evening. Hopefully I won’t spill a pink cocktail on my new white dress! At least I’ll be staying in a nice comfy bed, thanks to Premier Inn.

This weekend is going to be a warm up session for me, as at the end of May I’m going to Amsterdam with my friend Katy R, who is always reliable when it comes to fun! I met Katy on an 18-30’s style holiday 10 years ago, we’ve never really grown up (she may not like me saying that, oops!).
My first time in Amsterdam and we will be staying in a hostel right by the red light district 😀 I must admit, when it comes to holidays, I’m more of a comfort over function person. I’ve never stayed in a hostel before, but my theory is it’s a great place to meet people, and they are incredibly cheap! And in no way will I be thinking about the film :/

I haven’t really thought through the hangover effect though, I fly back on the Monday afternoon and am back to work Tuesday morning. I think I may need some matchsticks for my eyes!

I will be updating you with photos of the trip…well some of the tamer ones anyway 😉 so make sure you follow me on Facebook for updates.

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