Fighting Fit or Fat Pt3

I feel like I should be giving these individual titles, but as they all follow on from each other, hopefully you don’t mind.

After my first day of the fitness programme, I wrote about how sore I was, well it hasnt eased off too much, but I can at least move my arms today.

On Tuesday I was subjected to a leg day, to be honest I was dreading it. Online, I always read how leg days usually get skipped, so I didn’t know what to expect. For fear that my personal trainers might read this, I was actually surprised about how I coped with it. My legs have always been pretty strong, so I think I had an advantage.

My routine consisted of the following after the warm up I mentioned in Part 2:

10x Bulgarian split squats each leg
6x Squat with 20kg barbell (behind neck)
12x Lunge with 20kg barbell (front neck)

Rest and repeat 3 times.

25x 12kg Kettle-bell swings
And 2 other exercises I have completely forgotten, sorry!

Rest and repeat 3 times.

Arm photo1

The best news came at the end, I asked Rob what he had in store for me the next day, dreading he would say “Arms”, but instead I was blessed with a day off. I was so excited to get a lie in.

As I am clearly a bit stupid, after work, I took my semi-sore legs to Boogie Bounce in the evening. I thought a bit of cardio would be fine, and just help to get my body into shape quicker. I was wrong!!!! I really had to force my legs to move and get my knees up, but the worst part was doing the muscle focussed exercises at the end, push-ups plus triceps dips and leg raises really had me pushing my muscles to their limits.

Yesterday (Wednesday) was great, I had an extra 30 minutes in bed, I took my time to do my makeup and generally felt good, except for my arms, which clearly were in need of a massage.

This morning was a struggle to get out of bed, the day off had done it’s damage. As I got to the gym, still dreading the pain I had in store, I was told it would be a full body workout. I was so grateful that I would be able to spread the pain.

Post warm out, workout as follows:

4x Sled push
30secs Battle Ropes
30secs Vertical chest pulls

2min rest and repeat 3 times

2x Sled pulls
4x Elasticated side squats
30secs 11kg medicine ball squat pickups/throw downs

2min rest and repeat 3 times

30secs 12kg Kettle-bell high swings
30secs 12kg Kettle-bell Russian deadlifts

30sec rest and repeat 3 times

3 minute cool down on the rowing machine

Sled pull 1

Sled pull 2

Surprisingly I felt OK after a few hours, but I am already thinking that this won’t last once I do my core work tomorrow morning.

I’d love to hear from you if you are getting inspired, want to know more or generally want to support me!


    • Rivet on 29 April 2016 at 6:11 pm
    • Reply

    I have just found your blog after Googling the gym as I want to sign up to that program too… But I am too afriad! How are you finding the classes? Do you think it will be worth the cash? Good luck btw, you look kick ass pulling those weights!

    1. Honestly, don’t be afraid! My biggest fear was that other people would judge me and laugh at me not being good enough, but aside from the fact that there are normally only 1 or 2 people in at 7am, the ones that are there are really friendly. The trainers are focussed on getting the best results out of me, so push me as hard as I can go.

      It is a lot of money in one go, but for that I am getting one to one training (but I think next week, I have another person joining me) 4 days a week for 8 weeks. I also get the MyZone belt, which is great for monitoring my activity, plus my food consumption. I am already seeing slight changes in my body and my energy levels are going up, so yes I would say it is worth it. Let me know if you decide to do it, I’ll happily introduce you to Rob who is getting me through it.

      Thanks, I really enjoyed this exercise.

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