Fighting Back

Last week I was I a really bad place mentally. My leg was sore, I just wanted to eat everything in sight and I was fed up of moaning about everything, so much so, that I wrote down my misery and didn’t post it for all to see.

After going to the doctor and being told to take off the bandage on my knee (I was told it was doing more psychological damage and not doing much to help my knee), I instantly felt better. I was told I could do light exercise and gently load the knee. I was booked in for an X-ray on my shoulder and referred for an MRI on my knee.

Since then, I have been re-assessed at the gym and have lost 2% body fat, 14cm across my body and reduced my metabolic age to 23 (9 years off where I started and 11 years off my actual age). My MyZone maximum heart rate has been reassessed 3 times, as I’m finally able to work it.


I have moved onto phase 2 of the fitness program and am reassessing what I can eat. High protein is key, honestly, this is the hardest thing I have done since trying Whole30, but I’m starting to get the hang of it.

I may have gone a bit overboard on some exercises, and pushed myself beyond my body’s capabilities (much to people’s better judgement), but this is my body and I know my pain threshold as well as my recovery rate. I am not going to be defeated mentally, and regardless of how many people tell me to rest, they are not me, and they can whistle! I am modifying exercises as per the trainers’ advice and am working the good muscles harder to make up for it. You can keep up to date with my progress on Instagram.

My X-Ray results came back as nothing broken and no arthritis (great news), so hopefully tendinitis which should start to recover in a couple of weeks. The doc was happy to see the exercises I had been doing were what she would have recommended, bonus!

I am definitely feeling more positive.

Positive attitude with the selfieclip

Positive attitude with the selfieclip

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