Fame the Musical – Review

On Tuesday I was invited to the press event with the Bournemouth Bloggers to watch Fame the Musical.

Fame is touring the country on its 30 year anniversary and is currently at the Bournemouth Pavilion until Saturday 31 August 2019.

I was excited to see the show, as I thought I remembered watching the movie as a kid. Turns out it was Flashdance I remembered! Although I did enjoy Fame the Musical, I only knew one song.

The story of Fame follows a group of “kids” (I couldn’t work out how old they were meant to be, but guessing late teens as it’s American school years) through Fame school. There’s a mixture of plots, which seem familiar now from more recent movies, love and struggles of teen life.

The stand out song of Fame really gets the happy hormones flowing, but for me, the most emotional song comes at the end when I had to hold back tears.

You can get tickets for Fame until the 31 August 2019 at BH Live or get tickets for the tour around the UK HERE

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