Don’t climb fences!

After being cooped up in bed most of the week (thank you to my 7 month old niece for giving me that bug), I decided enough was enough and we had to get out of the house. Being the week before pay-day, I didn’t want to go too far, but fancied a change of scenery.

Tamana, Betty and I went over to Lake Pier in Hamworthy.  It was a bit windy, but an ideal place to let Betty off the lead and run away from the waves.lakepier1

After walking around a few of the little paths, and enjoying the views over the bay, we reached a dead-end.  I am not one for walking back the way we came, where’s the excitement in that, so I thought we’d walk around the lake, which we stumbled upon.  This was my first mistake.

Just because there are people on the other side of the lake, does not mean you are meant to walk around it. After giving up telling Betty to stop jumping in the bogs, I started to enjoy the adventure.  Tamana on the other hand was less than impressed that I was going away from the paths and climbing through trees.  At the end of the trees was a clearing with only a “little” wire fence. Me being me, I was not going to be held up by a bit of metal, so lifted Tamana and Betty over and clambered over myself. This was my second mistake.lakepier2

The ground underneath was very boggy, mixed with long reeds and some gorse bush, but this was not going to stop me.  Although the fact that Betty had stopped moving, should have been a clue.  I picked Betty up, she smelt lovely after bog diving, then stomped on.  Stamping the gorse down as we climbed higher and higher, until, I realised I was not going to make it around this stupid lake!  I stood my ground weighing up the options, before I realised I was sinking.  Yes, this was the time to admit defeat and return the way we came.lakepier3

I must admit, I did enjoy the look on Tamana’s face when I started singing “We’re going on a bear hunt”, she looked at me with such distain, I nearly cracked up.  Apparently, laughing when she has just realised her wellies have holes in, is not the done thing to do.

Once back to the car, I thought it was only fair to treat Tamana to a special hot chocolate.  A hot chocolate treat cannot be at just any place, so a short drive over to the Jazz Cafe and a long queue we managed to get the most amazing hot chocolates I have ever had.  The Jazz Cafe is one of my favourite places to go after a long walk, there is a great ambiance with the live Jazz music playing, the log fire and their friendly staff.  I must admit, I have never turned up at the Jazz Cafe and found a place to sit straight away; come rain or shine, it’s always heaving.  This to me, just shows how good it is.




An hour of relaxing, drinking an eating and it was time for home and a hot shower.

Going for walks has always been a favourite Sunday thing for me to do (even though as I child I used to moan about it), what is your favourite way to spend a Sunday?

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