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After my first week using the MZ-3 MyZone belt, I felt so good. Not only did I feel better, I can track my performance during my exercise to make sure I’m pushing myself to achieve the best results. (The reason why I’m mixing my tenses, will hopefully become apparent).

MyZone breakdown

MyZone breakdown

As someone who likes to try new things and loves the idea of combining exercise with stupidity, this weekend, I took part in the Color Obstacle Rush (COR) at Brighton Racecourse.

COR is a great event where you can run or walk between mostly inflatable obstacles and get covered in colourful powder and foam.

I was having a fab time, dancing to the music, when I decided to walk up the stairs of the racecourse to take a photo, not really paying attention, luckily my phone was out in front of me, as I walked straight into a metal barrier. If it wasn’t for my phone, my nose would have been covered in a bright flurry of red liquid! I laughed at my own stupidity and took a quick photo before signing the waiver form (which I never read).

Color obstacle rush Brighton

Off to do the warm up, which seemed like a proper workout and definitely one I wasn’t expecting to cause me to be out of breath. I am obviously not as fit as I expected, or the Townsend Twins knew I was coming and wanted to get fitter.

The Townsend Twins on stage

The Townsend Twins on stage

After queuing to get to the starting point (the British patiently queue so much), we were off. The first obstacle was to run over an angled bouncy castle out through a small foam pit. Next up was similar to a tyre run, where you’re meant to step in the holes, unfortunately, this isn’t what I did, as I fell backwards and was laughing so much, I struggled to get up.

A few in and my clumsiness seemed to disburse. We decided to gently jog, as the course was full of holes and we weren’t in a rush. I already decided I would leave my competitiveness at home this weekend.

It wasn’t long before my clumsiness returned though, going down the big slide, I thought I had slowed down enough to put my hands down, but instead I scraped my arm along the Velcro and left myself a slightly stinging arm with a 6 inch graze to laugh off. Anyway, undeterred I got on with it until 2 obstacles on.

Being only 157cm (just under 5ft2), I was faced with a wooden triangular object to jump over, no problem I thought…first one done, I thought I’d speed it up a bit, as I got stuck half way and didn’t want to look pathetic. This was a mistake! Just as I ran up to it, I knew I had gone too fast, I looked down as I flew over the top, knowing I wasn’t going to land properly, but unable to correct my positioning. Snap! My shin went right, my thigh went left, I went down.

Triangle of doom!

Triangle of doom!

I was in agony, rolling on the floor, I felt like a premiership footballer. I couldn’t straighten my leg and all I could do was scream in pain as the volunteer weakly asked if I needed a medic “Of course I f^*?ing need a medic.”

After what felt like an eternity, I forced my leg straight and pushed myself off the ground. The medic made her way over, told me I’d probably done something to my cruciate ligament, all I could think about was can I just go finish this, so I can decide what I’m going to wear tonight! After much debate, I was allowed to continue, but told to walk. Fine.

Straight onto the next obstacle, rolling over the barrels were fine, as I got off I put my left leg down first, not even a millisecond after, snap! On the floor I went in agony. This time the medic was not allowing me to carry on, cue angry face x(



Not to be disheartened, I let the painkillers do their work and did the one legged dance as we got covered in powder. After an hour of putting on a brave face and falling down yet again, I decided it was time to head to the Minor Injuries Unit to get checked out.

Color obstacle rush powder paint

Unfortunately, I really am not the best patient and decided that hunger was more important to fix than a leg, so we headed to Nandos with the idea that my leg would be fine.

Still looking like Princess Fiona from Shrek, I polished off some chicken thighs, macho peas and peri salted chips. Hunger averted, now I just needed a hot bath and some sleep (2 baths in one week, this relaxing thing is not fun).



After a few good hours sleep, and an ice pack, I felt ready to get my drink on. Wearing a borrowed dress, some comfy heels and a beautiful tubigrip I was set to go out for a night involving lots of alcohol, food and one legged dancing.

I am hoping that the leg heals quickly, but I feel the training may have to be focussed on my upper body for the next few weeks…and I guess I should make an appointment to see a doctor to confirm what has actually happened (eye roll!).

Maybe I’ll try the COR next year, as it was really fun. Checkout my Facebook page for more photos of the day.

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