Category: The Life and Failings of Tara

Find out what I've been up to, what I'm thinking, reviewing and generally how I'm failing at life and getting through those fails.

Mad Rush

I spend most of my days rushing from place to place, trying to respond to emails and texts and keeping up with social media. This would be acceptable if I wasn’t a single mum with no family close by to help working in a stressful job that should be a 9 to 5, but invariably …

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Walk or Run

This week is National Walk to Work Week, but having got out of bed far too late to accomplish this I am feeling a bit guilty. Having typed up my bucket list on yesterday’s blog, I wrote that I wanted to run/walk a marathon before I kick the bucket. Everything is telling me to get …

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Blog Most Days in May

If you’ve been following my posts, you’ll know that I’m trying to keep up with The Blog Everyday in May challenge and not succeeding very well! But here’s a few more things to keep you up-to-date. My Bucket List (In no particular order, except for the final 2) 1. Get my full motorbike licence. I …

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Oops I’m Late!

No I’m not pregnant! I’m late posting my blog! I signed up to Blog Every Day in May, but so far haven’t managed once. I have been fairly busy the last couple of weekends, so I have an excuse…sort of! I will try and catch up over the next few days…sorry if I miss anything. …

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War Paint at the Ready

Last week I had some presentation skills training through my day job. I wasn’t sure what to expect, sometimes these courses tell me a lot that I already know, other times I laugh at all the cliché sayings, telling me to “Be the the change you want to be” or “Will it make the boat go …

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Run or be Starlite

Last year I was really focused on fitness and exercise, this year I have been very lazy with it. I still want to get out and go for a run, but I really can’t motivate myself to take the walking pace any faster. As for my food intake, I am still using MyFitnessPal to record …

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Saturday Night Stitch

What do you do if money is tight, the weather is horrendous and you are feeling creative?   I am fairly creative, but have more imagination rather than practical ability, so didn’t want to spend a lot on fabric, then ruin the lot.  I decided I wanted to make some little shabby chic style hearts …

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Shoes for you?!

A friend of mine Elaine from Canvas Pretty asked me to take her place at the recent #shoesietuesday event held by Hotter Shoes. I must admit, whilst I am a shoe fanatic, I took a look at their website, and thought “I am not going to like these shoes” the first word I see plastered …

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Am I destined to be alone and do I care?!

I have had a lot of boyfriends in my life, some that came and went quicker than I was able to change my pants! Others hang around long enough to hurt me and a few I even hurt myself. Most people go through breakups in their lives and they get over them. Some people are …

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