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Find out what I've been up to, what I'm thinking, reviewing and generally how I'm failing at life and getting through those fails.

Fighting Fit or Fat Pt2

UPDATE: Oh my life!!!! My arms were so sore this morning. My first session with James from 180 Degrees Gym, went really well (it may have helped that he was super attractive and probably 10 years younger than me). My workout consisted of the following (I have made up some names as I have forgotten …

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Fighting Fit or Fat

I’m going to ignore the fact that I haven’t written anything for a while. There are many excuses I could use, but realistically I just haven’t been in the right headspace. I’m not dwelling on why, because it really isn’t anything I can put my finger on. Today I just had the urge to write, …

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Secret Agent

I often spend ridiculous amounts of money on clothes (see my recent Primark Haul!), food and other “wants”, but I can see them, I can quantify the costs. My daughter has been doing karate for 7 years, she is a black belt and about to do her 2nd Dan grading. I am immensely proud of …

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Getting to know you

I was recently sent Vogue’s 73 questions that they ask celebs, by MyLife MyLove, whose recently made headline news, so clearly an important celeb right now, which is more than I can say about myself! But in the interest of getting to know me… 1. What’s your favourite movie? Sorry to most film buffs, but …

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Wedding Planning

Ok ok, don’t go buying a hat, I have not met someone in a whirlwind romance and got engaged! I did, however, get slightly emotional when I drove past the bridal shop this morning. I drive past this shop every day, and normally couldn’t give two monkeys. But today, a bit tired and emotional (probably …

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No more excuses

I have a habit of making excuses for not doing things. The main one being, I don’t have time, yet I spend over 3 hours a day on the Internet. At work I am really organised, making sure I keep a to do list to keep on top of my workload and adding diary events …

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Primark Haul November 2015

I know I have a bit of an obsession with shopping, and once I start I can’t seem to stop. Here’s what I bought from Primark today, if you want to see how much I spent, look at the receipt at the end of the video, as I really don’t want to admit how much …

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Shots of Light

I have been trying to make my my little flat more cosy and I got really excited about showing off the photos to you all. Unfortunately, I don’t have an amazing spec camera. All my photos are taken on my iPhone 6S, which are a great quality for daytime photos, but not so great for …

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Media in the media

Social media and online dating has taken a bit of a battering this week. Dating sites made the news as the cause of increased STD’s. No, it is not the sites that have caused the increases (in my opinion), but the lack of deadly diseases being at the forefront of people’s mind. If there is …

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Clothes Show Outfit

Eeek I’m so excited! Thanks to Canvas Pretty, I won tickets to the Clothes Show Live in December. I’ve always wanted to go, but life has always got in the way. This year, I was determined to go and was just about to buy tickets, when I found out that I had won. Now comes …

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