Carbs or No Carbs!

I have hit an emotional wall with my training. I’m well aware that to shed fat, I need to eat healthily as well as exercise, so this isn’t me asking for a sympathy card saying “sorry you’re fat, but cut out the cakes”.

I thought I was eating a pretty balanced diet, which includes a small treat. I adopted quite a lot of the Whole30 ideas and definitely reduced the added sugar I was putting into my body. So when I was told that for the first 10 days of my fitness plan, I shouldn’t be eating carbohydrates, I went into melt down.

I’m a firm believer that you shouldn’t cut out ANY food group, they all have their own purpose. Having had it explained to me that the first 10 days are critical to retrain my bodies insulin production and some other sciencey stuff I zoned out for, I feel I should at least try. I’m paying a lot of money for me to ignore the process.

All of a sudden I am having to re-read food packaging, give up foods that helped me through Whole30, and struggle to stomach breakfast again.

Carbohydrates are in sooooo much, this is ridiculous! I’m not sleeping well, I’m constantly thinking about food and because I don’t have a convenience equivalent, I’m ending going hangry (no I did not misspell that!).

Hangry definition

At work it seems to be birthdays everyday, there are cakes and sweets all over the desks. I’m ignoring them as best as I can, and boring my colleagues by repeating at constant intervals “I WANT CAKE, nope nope NO!”

Haribo Cakes

Rob (my trainer), has asked me to text him “I did not flinch” every time I successfully manage to not eat a naughty treat. This is really helpful, until I want to murder him for thinking I picked a healthy lunch and him then telling me how many carbs are in it…IT’S NOT F’ING CAKE THOUGH IS IT?!?!?!?

The most annoying part of all of this, is that I don’t even like blooming cake, I just want it because I have been told I can’t have it.

As I sit here drinking my coffee with milk (another no no!), I realise that I am never going to have an Instagram body, and that maybe an odd roast potato isn’t going to kill me, unless I choke on it! I will however, try and reduce the carb intake for a few more days, I don’t want to be the only person not achieving their goals at the gym.

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