Calendar Girls – Review

I’ve just got back from Bournemouth Pavilion theatre, where I saw Calendar Girls the Musical. I was absolutely enthralled by the all star performances. Gary Barlow has worked alongside Tim Firth to turn the play/film into an incredible musical.

I watched the Calendar Girls film when it came out in 2003, but couldn’t remember the whole story. I was aware it was based on a true story, featuring the Women’s Institute, but I had completely forgotten it had made me cry! The Musical was even more of a tear jerker. The emotion from the cast really came through and had me in floods of tears, shortly followed by giggles and full blown laughter.

My friend Aimee said something at the end of the show, that really is true and a strong statement of the empowerment we felt afterwards. “Women are awesome, individually we’re great, but a team of women are unstoppable.”

I cannot thank Bournemouth Pavilion and Bournemouth Bloggers enough for inviting me along to review Calendar Girls the Musical, I would watch it again in a heartbeat. 

The show is touring the UK and is currently in Bournemouth until Saturday 21 September. Tickets are available from BHLive or  to see other dates around the UK go to the official Calendar Girls the Musical website

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