Bottomless Brunch in Bournemouth

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know I love food and alcohol (not in a bad way, I know my limits, then exceed them both with food and drink!).

I was invited with the Bournemouth Bloggers to La Piccola Italia for bottomless brunch, right up my street! I had eaten here before about 5 years ago and had been disappointed, but I’m always willing to give a place a second chance.

I was so glad I did, the staff were very attentive and even helped hold the food at all angles whilst we all took plenty of photos…as bloggers do!

Being a non-meat eater I have grown accustomed to struggling at these events as everyone else eats freely and I’m left with a smaller plate of after-thought food.

La Piccola Italia, however, was very different! Whilst the meat menu is very full, the vegetarian options were plentiful too. I would even say there was more choice of veggie food.

The food was delicious, a massive improvement on my prior visit.

La Piccola Italia is close to the train station and not an immediate thought on where to visit, but it is worth going a bit further out for a more authentic taste. ALso with it being not far from where I work, it is easily accessible for a lunch time treat.

The prosecco was flowing freely and as much as I thought I would just have one small glass, I got swept up in the atmosphere and enjoyed a few more…which then lead to an afternoon session of cocktails and tequila shots!

Home and tucked up in bed by 7pm, it was a pretty successful brunch…which I must repeat soon!

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