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I have been actively involved with icelollyholiday’s Twitter chats for a while now and took over their Instagram account in the summer, so when there was an opportunity for me to go to their Blog at the Beach event, I jumped at the chance.

I didn’t entirely think things through, it’s held in January in Leeds…over 250 miles away from where I live. As the event got closer, I thought of cancelling, I’m just about to move house, I shouldn’t really be spending money. I still packed my case and took it into work on the Friday, with the intention to leave around 3 and get the train. Well best laid plans and all that, I left just after 6pm deciding to drive (thanks to strikes and engineering work, I couldn’t handle that stress). I stopped off at the services and booked a hotel, £112 for 2 nights at the Jury’s Inn (not bad at all), I was set to arrive at 10.15pm, but thanks to M1 closures, I ended up getting to the hotel just before midnight *sad sleepy face*.

In the morning, I was weirdly excited, this is not normally my thing, networking scares the shizzle out of me. I had arranged to meet a few bloggers I’d been chatting to on Twitter at the train station. This was the best thing I could have done! We slowly wandered the streets of Leeds takin plenty of photos without judgement, got to know each other and swapped travel ideas.

All about the photos

When I fell through the door of the event, we were greeted with a mulled wine, (this is definitely a company I want to collaborate with!). We found our seats (benches for us as we were too busy chatting to get the comfy chairs), and sat down to listen to Kirsty Leanne, who gave out some fantastic tips about how to reach out to brands…which I will definitely be taking on board. I don’t ever reach out, mainly because I’ve never known what to say, now I do!

After lunch (actually more like snacks, a lot of dips and bread do not make lunch, regardless of how nice it was), we heard from Bee from Queen Beady, and Kaye from Fordtography.

Bee gave some advice (along with chocolates) about how to take the blog to the next level. She asked the question “What makes you unique?” I have struggled with this, as I don’t know if I am unique, I love writing, but doesn’t everyone who blogs? I’m sarcastic and funny (yes I am), but I don’t know that it comes across in my writing. I’m honest, but that’s not unique. So please can you tell me, what makes me unique?

Kaye has convinced me I need to get a camera, my iPhone photos are just not doing anything for my blog, she’s right! I take tonnes of photos to try and get the lighting right, end up editing them and they still don’t look clear. Plan for next month is to buy a proper camera, time to go do some research and play in the shops.

After the event, a few of us headed over to the Alchemist, for some exciting looking cocktails, they tasted pretty good too. As people slowly left, I carried on, drink is my friend and I’m in Leeds! (As I’m writing this, I’m also wondering if drink is really my friend, or if it’s stabbing me in the back when I’m not looking).

I had an amazing time this weekend, I’m so glad I didn’t cancel. Shout out to the following people who made it even better (in order of meeting, before any of you moan 😛 ):

Jess from
April from
Sam from
Natalie from
Janessa from
and Reema who works for icelolly…just in case she didn’t tell anyone enough, she’s a Business Analyst though!

I guess I had better get up now, I’m off to Mrs Atha’s for breakfast, I’ve heard it’s where it’s at, then I need to drag my butt back down south…can someone else drive me?

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