5 Reasons I Won’t Do All Inclusive

  • Don’t get me wrong, I have done all inclusive before and there is something of a luxury feel about it, but it just isn’t for me. Here are some reasons why I am not likely to do it again.

1. I do not want to fight over sun beds. If you haven’t seen the videos of tourists queuing up at some silly hour in the morning, just to make sure they get a sun lounger, then look it up on YouTube, it’s quite depressing.

2. I like real food. I appreciate that some all inclusive resorts do provide more than the standard buffets, but I want to try the local food, how they cook it, not just mass prepared.

3. Being all inclusive often means you want to get your money’s worth, which often means you don’t tend to leave the resort as much as you would if you had to go and find somewhere to eat/drink. I love walking around the local towns and getting “lost” where I can.

4. You aren’t helping the local economy; you might think you are just by being there, but the small independent shops, restaurants and bars are losing money because people aren’t eating/drinking out as much. Towns are becoming more sun spots than points of interest.

5. You can often get better deals by booking the flights and hotels separately. By shopping around and being more flexible, you can tailor the price to suit your needs.

How often do you stay all inclusive? Would you consider switching?

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