10 Tips to Cabin Bag Only Holidays

A lot of people ask me how I manage to travel with just hand luggage. I use a Tripp cabin case, which I bought from Debenhams on sale. It comes with a 5 year guarantee and is within most airlines’ hand luggage guidelines.  I have put together a list of my top 10 ways to fit everything in.

Top 10 Tips

  1. Pull out all of your clothes you want to take. Try EVERYTHING on, make sure it fits (no point in taking things you can’t wear).

Do you think it’ll fit?

  1. Select 1 item for each night, that goes with the same pair of shoes. Nobody, except you, is going to notice your shoes (unless they are so amazing or really awful), so there is no need to waste precious space.
  1. Limit heels. You probably won’t wear them, if you do have to take them, stuff them with underwear so it’s not wasted space. It also allows extra space for a spare pair of flats.
  1. Limit day time outfits, you can re-wear, nobody will know (unless you are a messy eater). I am taking 2 pairs of shorts and 3 casual tops. You can always do a hand wash if necessary.
  1. I will be spending a lot of time going to the beach/pool, so I’ve decided to bulk up my hand luggage with swimwear, although really you only need 2 and you can hand wash on alternate days.
  1. Liquids – this is a key one. You are only allowed to take bottles up to 100ml through security. You are, however, allowed to take as many (up to 1000ml) as you can fit into the clear resealable bag 20cm x 20cm. Think about what you really need and think about what is really considered as liquid. I have gotten away with toothpaste and mascara before, but if it moves freely there is a good chance it needs to be separate.

  1. Roll don’t fold. My friend Katy taught me this technique, I wasn’t convinced at first, but after a bit of practice, I swear by it now. It really means you can fill all empty spaces (see point 8).

Trainers for that all important exercise (definitely wasted space)

  1. Fill all empty spaces. My bras are quite structured (thanks to my boobs  for that!), I have a stiff handbag which would have a lot of wasted space, so I shove them inside.

Full of my over the shoulder boulder holders

  1. To make it easier at the airport, put items that you’ll need on the plane in a small handbag/backpack. I’ve put my sunglasses, passport, purse, books, earphones and liquids in mine, so I can access them all quickly at security.
  1. Some airlines don’t allow small handbags as well as a hand luggage bag, so pop to duty free and ask for a bag (sometimes you will need to pay 5p, but a smile goes a long way). You are allowed to take one duty free bag on board, so you can pop your small bag inside.

Remember to re-use your plastic bags!

That’s me done! Time to enjoy your holiday. Let me know if you’ve succeeded or are struggling to get those extra items in.

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